September 14, 2007

And it ruins it for me

Yes, I am procrastinating. But really, writing a blog is an adaptive way to get the creative juices flowing...preparation to "bs" the last two pages of my crazy long research paper. Several peoples' crazy long paper...not that I cheat, just that several people have to write one. Ohh, completely off topic...did you know that several college students I know feel that their success is merely the product of luck and easy professors? I didn't realize what a pervasive view that was. Similar train of thought: I also didn't know that the whole "feministic view" versus "settling down" conundrum is so pervasive. Why do people assume their thoughts have never been thought before? Originality doesn't really exist, we just put a new face on the same old thing. Which does indeed lead into the purpose of this blog...

I was reading earlier (like I do), and Penny came over. She asked me about the book, which was Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. She promptly informed me that The Fountainhead was the new emo girl's bible....they all read Ayn Rand now to feel intellectual. Shock and dismay. Emo girl's bible? What?!? To my defense, I've loved Ayn Rand for quite a while, and do not relate to any of those emo frames of mind. I certainly don't read to feel intellectual. That's silliness. At least it encourages the younger ones to read stuff like that....Next, I expect, it will be emo to love film noir. What?!? It is emo to love film noir?! High school is dumb.