March 13, 2009


No, I am indeed not perfect. I often think irrationally. I often get upset over nothing. I procrastinate in a way I am sure will injure me for graduate school. I am occasionally paranoid. I tend to dump my socks by the side of the bed instead of in the hamper. I forget most everything. My lies are more transparent than cellophane. I do occasionally lie.

These are the things I want to fix: Irrationality, mood swings, procrastination, memory lapses (it would be more accurate to tell you my memory is a lapse.)
I don't care all that much about my lack of organization, or occasional sink full of dirty dishes. I don't care about sleeping in too late and putting off washing the laundry. I don't care to fix my sexuality, or my incredible interest in raunchy comedy. I don't care to fix my obsession with cult films.
These things come up in conversation with religious people. No one was judging, this particular group is awesome. However, these lovely people remind me how much others condemn.
Since when does a clean house and non-interest in sex=good person?
I'm happier my way.

March 4, 2009


I found an awesome blog recently. The writer is a wildly libidinous woman with a number of beautiful entries concerning her sex life. The writer is a mother with a number of young children, some adopted from a friend, some biological. The writer is a skilled gardener and an amateur photographer. She includes a lovely picture of bits of her garden with each blog. She sometimes blogs about the idiosyncrasies of motherhood. She sometimes blogs about sex toys, masturbation, or recent "dates." She edits her own flower photos, as well as an occasional photo from one of her paramours. She's my hero.

I hate the way the title "mother" equals "caretaker", but never equals "woman with desires of her own." Why are these titles always so exclusionary? A person is a faceted creature. One person can contain an endless number of personas. I could, on any given day, rattle out a list a mile long of categories I fit into. Even some descriptors are also categories, merely because of the stereotypes associated with them. This is why the woman who writes this blog is my hero. She shows everyone the facets...especially the two people deem the most contradictory.