August 22, 2008


We let ourselves be too readily defined by the objects in our lives. Those major purchases. Your house defines you, as well as your car. What kind of TV you have makes a statement. Your TV's statement about your personality tells more than your clothes do. People tend to dress to give an impression about themselves. They clothes we wear may be telling, but not as telling as what we are not wearing.

I still have a difficult time wrapping my mind around "THE EXPECTED." Only capital letters will do. We are expected to go to college to get a good job. We are expected to buy a nice car with our new pay from the good job, right along with the nice garage attached to the nice house. We are expected to get married (because sex without marriage is illegal!) and have multiple children to fill up the nice house, followed all too quickly by funding our children's education so they too may buy a nice car, a nice house, a nice marriage. It just isn't worth it if you don't love your job. I won't say that I don't want that too. I do want a good job, but what makes a good job for me has very little to do with money.

What I want in life can't be made from money. I can't stand the idea of spending my life working toward financial stability, and finding out in the end that I wasted my time. There better be a lot more to life than all of that "EXPECTED" nonsense, and I am not going to wait around to let it find me.

July 6, 2008

While watching "Be Kind, Rewind"

Chris thinks it's funny when I go all explosively happy. You know, with the uncontrollable laughter and tears, and unbreathingness. There have been a few lately.

One: a comic in the Cyanide and Happiness series. You may have to copy and paste, sorry.

Two: a Dane Cook segment. I don't remember which one. I wish I did. Check youtube for your own personal favorite.

Three: Today, on, a list entitled "Quirkiest goals on 43things"

rig my car so windshield wiper fluid will hit the cars behind me
hack someone's computer and surprise them by remotely opening
their CD tray.
find out why crying makes you produce enormous amounts of snot
find out if the Hokey-Pokey really IS what it's all about

or, my personal favorite
play duck, duck, goose with a biker gang

In retrospect, these things really aren't that amusing. But they are. Especially that last bit. Really. Imagine it.

April 6, 2008

I've received a complaint or "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

To whom it may concern:

I have received a complaint. A certain friend of mine believes that my answer to the question below, on a recently completed survey, is inappropriate and gives the reader "the wrong idea."

"18: Who was the last person you saw with their shirt off?
Jenny. Nice tata’s love"

I would like to clarify. Jenny and I used to date, yes. Jenny and I are still roommates, yes. However, we do not sleep together or even have the desire to do so. We are close friends. We are comfortable being close to each other, although in a purely platonic way. Some people find this odd. We do not.

I feel that the necessary parties (Me, Jenny, my boyfriend, and Jenny’s girlfriend) are aware of the platonic relationship we share. That is good enough for me. Also, The instance when I saw Jenny without her shirt was merely when I happened to glimpse Jenny in her sleeping attire...a sports bra and pajama pants. This is no cause for alarm, as most bathing suits cover far less skin. Also, I did not actually look at her breasts.

To cover myself more completely, I am not entirely sure why the maker of the complaint was offended. It may be because I refered to Jenny’s breasts as "tatas." The next time I refer to her breasts, I will make sure to employ a different word, such as "knockers," "melons," "dirty pillows," "tig old bitties," "gedoinkers," and/or "bahama mammas."

Thank you,

January 27, 2008

Love it!

Try Ludo, Love Me Dead. The song rocks, and the video is freaking great.

Sarah McLaughlin's Silence is amazing:
Pretty please: Don't watch that video, it sucks.

Also, Sarah McLaughlin's Dear God
Ignore the crappy video part.

For Lasagna?
It rocks.

For dessert?
Really very good, and rather simple to make

For Lingerie:
This is not Victoria's Secret...the website is rather racy. Also, although the lingerie is to die for, it is extremely expensive. I will buy some when I'm rich.
I might buy the perfume when I have a little extra floating around.

For a good show: Les Miserables in London featuring this guy:
Watch until 3:25. It makes me cry

For comedy:
Eddie Izzard:
A Bit of Fry and Laurie:
The Big Gay Sketch Show (TBGSS): --Very funny, but a little naughty.

More later....but I love this stuff!