August 22, 2008


We let ourselves be too readily defined by the objects in our lives. Those major purchases. Your house defines you, as well as your car. What kind of TV you have makes a statement. Your TV's statement about your personality tells more than your clothes do. People tend to dress to give an impression about themselves. They clothes we wear may be telling, but not as telling as what we are not wearing.

I still have a difficult time wrapping my mind around "THE EXPECTED." Only capital letters will do. We are expected to go to college to get a good job. We are expected to buy a nice car with our new pay from the good job, right along with the nice garage attached to the nice house. We are expected to get married (because sex without marriage is illegal!) and have multiple children to fill up the nice house, followed all too quickly by funding our children's education so they too may buy a nice car, a nice house, a nice marriage. It just isn't worth it if you don't love your job. I won't say that I don't want that too. I do want a good job, but what makes a good job for me has very little to do with money.

What I want in life can't be made from money. I can't stand the idea of spending my life working toward financial stability, and finding out in the end that I wasted my time. There better be a lot more to life than all of that "EXPECTED" nonsense, and I am not going to wait around to let it find me.

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