March 18, 2007

Soundin kinda drugged-but not

*Warning*...this blog serves no actual purpose, beyond random expression.

Jenny and I went to a frat party the other night...maybe it was the fact that we didn't know anyone there that made it so...yeah.

Maybe because I always just "happen" to be the DD. Or maybe because I stick out like a sore thumb. I'm not screwing around, possibly pregnant, throwing up, or involved in some very gossip-worthy scandal. How lame of me.

Maybe that "fun-loving" gene skipped a generation. Or just me.

I have noticed a very steep downward trend in my blog writing. I used to be so fucking cheery. Now I blog to vent. Sorry.

I read, clean house, do homework, sleep, work, worry about bills or the car breaking down, or worry about the extremely Christian girl in my stats class finding out that I'm gay. (She's scary!)

There are those who are glamourous "in" my life. Those who manage to do mundane things, like work, with a little extra pizzaz. Who don't care that the scary christian girl found out that they sleep with girls. Those who you love to hate. Or hate to love. Those constantly better than you....but stupidly worse as well. the arrogant ones-who have nothing to be so conceited about, but manage to make it appear otherwise.

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