February 15, 2009

Orgasm Gap

I just finished reading an article on feministing.com about what they refer to as the "orgasm gap." This gap deals with whatever creative statistics researchers discovered concerning women's less frequent rate of orgasm with sex. The blog post on feministing garnered a ridiculous number of angry comments, especially from the male posters. The article that the blog references, is a reference to the actual research...so reference twice removed, or something.
The article suggests a variety of reasons that women tend to have a lower rate of orgasm. Several of the male members of the community suggest that perhaps it is just easier for men to have orgasms due to size. I say, regardless of the reason for the number, perhaps that gap should shrink. Any man that complains that women are too difficult to please should perhaps become a little better acquainted with his hand.
One other interesting thing:
The article claims that “Women and men are more ambivalent about the importance of women’s sexual pleasure [outside] of relationships." This strikes me as hilarious. Why do women hook up with random partners? If it were me, I would probably be doing it for orgasms. So why do so many women have so few orgasms when hooking up? Do we really just need to be more vocal about what we want? Why are so many women so passive about their needs? I'm not entirely innocent of this myself. It is just easier sometimes to not say anything. But it isn't very satisfying, is it?

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