April 11, 2009


listening to Chris play guitar
leaving the windows open in rain storms
receiving pictures of my soon-to-be kitty
art photography involving nudes
sleeping in with Chris
sleeping in, in general
memories of London, of the first time I heard Chris play the guitar in Scotland, of how transparently in love with him I was when I thought I was keeping it secret.
making my sisters and brother laugh
softly fuzzy body hair-men or women
women in fabulous high heels
books with subject matter involving decadence and taboos
anything involving decadence and taboos
public libraries
positive sex education
clever repartee
other people's babies
people's silly "gangsta" walks
sweatpants and hoodie days
breasts, preferably the more malleable type
yes, I said that
take-out chinese
starbucks coffee
origami cranes
and so very much more.

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