February 9, 2010


"What will you be forced to do?" her blog asked. Hmmm, forced.

Do it. Push me against the door hard enough to leave a bruise where my shoulder hits the frame. Crush yourself against my body, thrust your thigh between my legs, bite at my lips and teeth and tongue. Decide that is not enough, and flip me around roughly. Press yourself against the curve of my ass, pinning me to the door. Yank my shirt over my head, use it to imprison my arms. Nip at my neck. Leave the imprint of your teeth buried in the skin of my shoulder. Use your free hand to caress my breast, side and hip, back up to pinch my nipple rudely until I squeak. Use that hand to seize my hair, pulling my head to expose my neck, that tender, tender neck.

Take me.

Pull me to the ground with you, your ardor burning so brightly that making it to the bed does not matter. Keep your fingers tangled in my hair, keep pulling. Make me arch for you. Nibble down my side, drinking in my heat, devouring. Stuff yourself with the taste of my skin. Use those teeth to unbutton my pants, push them violently to my knees. You want me too badly to care about freeing my legs. Grab my hips, and jerk me to your mouth. Don't rise for air.

Consume me.

Climax comes quickly, too quickly, my passion yanked from me. I'm wet, saturated with desire, legs still bound by tight jeans. Coming down, cooling off. You don't want me coming down. Quick movements, and I have my face buried in carpet pile, my ass exposed. Once, twice, three times you slap in fast succession. My face reddens with stinging pleasure-pain. You invade me with your fingers, a tight, wet, forced fit. You grab at my hair, yank my head back, offering your wet fingers to my lips, pressing them passed my teeth to my tongue. You grind against me, the hard tip of you seeking. You place yourself carefully, but thrust deeply. You are such a tight fit, my legs bound, your weight against my back. Your movements confirm your arousal, your movements short and charged with energy. Closer, I feel you coming, closer. Closer, and you are there, writhing against my back, making last final thrusts deep.

Finished with me.

You withdraw, pleased with yourself. I roll to look at you, timid gaze from beneath hair. You smirk, so satisfied. Look at you.
You loosen the harness, let the dildo fall. I laughed when you first strapped the harness around yourself. I am not laughing now. "Go clean yourself up," you demand. "We're leaving."


  1. God, this is hot. I love the way you built it around "take me, consume me, finished with me." And the things you say! "Stuff yourself with the taste of my skin"! Ohhh...

  2. Now THAT was a hot twist to the ending. Very nice, all of it. Very nice indeed.