November 25, 2009


A about the dream home, or the glorious list of turn ons? Dream home wins out tonight, as tonight I'm making a friend's house my home. Turn ons will come later, look for it.

I love houses that are open and airy. I want open ceilings dotted with skylights. The house I am currently occupying is filled with rooms adorn with wooden and glass doors (kinda like these cabinet doors).

There are so many windows, most without drapery of any kind. The floors are hardwood. Internal doors all have skeleton key style keyholes. Beautiful.

In my bedroom, you'd find framed photographs by Igor Amelkovich. Specifically this one, and this. I would need a third though. Really though, I would probably have several 3 photograph sets.

No house is complete without built in bookshelves, just like these. They make my heart flutter.

In my backyard garden, you'd find lavender and roses. Also, Lilies, dahlias and hyacinth planted outside of my sunroom. Yes, the sunroom. This house has one, but it does not appear to be in use. I would use mine constantly, lounging, reading, playing with the cats, whatever.

Also, off of my front porch you'd find birds. You'd find bushes specifically planted to attract the birds and butterflies, plus feeders scattered throughout.

I have so many images for the home I hope to one day build. Maybe time will see it come to fruition.

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