November 22, 2009


As I am new to blogging, I struggle (it's a love struggle!) daily with trying to come up with something original. Many days, I photoblog, or post vids. The photos and videos are always something that brought me happiness for the day. Some days I write really angsty blogs that I never post because, really, no one should ever read them. Some days, I actually write a blog.

I try to avoid endlessly re-posting cool things other people find, mostly because the people I read all read each other.
However, I haven't been online is several days, and there's a lot of porn piling up on the internet...

This is a collection of things that titillated my senses this evening. Enjoy, loves:

The first, a scathingly brilliant review of New Moon. I'm not hating on the Twilight series. I'm actually rather apathetic about the whole mess. I love the beautiful mix of intellect and coarseness present in this writing though. Amazing.

Next, a glorious play on gender coupled with a dance-inducing song...
(Note: I did have a video embedded here, but it was recently made unavailable. The video was Prodigy's uncensored Smack My Bitch Up. I will work on finding it elsewhere for you).

Then, an interesting tidbit via erotiterrorist. Oh, powerplay.

Surprise! A very interesting composition by a good friend of mine. I delight in his oddity.

Followed by some amazing tweets by some amazing people:

sroxy:Actually, godless heathen is a misnomer. If anything I have way more gods than most of the Christians... I think this makes me a godlier heathen, hmmm?

aagblog: I love men. That is all.
Followed by: Facebook, stop being cunty.

chelseagsummers: A week of non-stop illness will make a girl feel steeped in patheticism. It's my pity-party, and I'll cry in my sorbet if I want to.

Also, a status from facebook: Finally got my books out of "storage" (the garage). Etiquette dictates that you should place Palahniuk next to Frost, right?

Finally, Judy Garland doing George Gershwin...

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