October 30, 2009


On Wednesday, I was doing what college students do, namely, walking in to take an exam I had barely studied for. Surprise!

I chose a desk covered in student graffiti; my favorite kind. The surface was crawling with silly things like "sigma's are sluts." Because it's a college, dontcha know.

Someone had also written, in shiny blue ink, "I love anal beads." Some other industrious pen crossed out "beads." A third student wrote a response to the anal-loving person, "You are a disgusting individual."

My favorite comment, and the reason for this post, was the reply to this last bit. One fellow sex-positive commenter kindly crossed out "disgusting" leaving "experimental" in it's place. Love!

I'm pleased as punch that this desk now reads "I love anal" and "You are an experimental individual."

If course, in the group I run in anal beads are not nearly so much experimental as a matter of course...

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