December 9, 2009


I have a crush on a blogger. As with all of my crushes, this one is rather conflicted. I love her. I'm turned on by her constant ability to turn a charming, well-educated phrase. I greatly admire her work. For these reasons, I refuse to list her on my blogroll.
I follow this blogger on twitter, and gobble up every tweet. I use my blogroll to catch up on my favorite blogs. I occasionally stumble across her blog, read a blog or two, and wonder why I do not link to her from my blog.

I remember why. She's good. She's what "The Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" should have been about. Please do not misunderstand. The bloggers I have listed in my blogroll are all amazing, but she's perfection. She's so perfect that it pains me to read her material. I want her talent. I want to mimic her erudite ways. The smart blogger would read her work obsessively, garnering any information about how this lovely lady blogger writes so well. I read her work and compare my shortcomings to her complete lack of shortcomings.

"Quality reading inform great writing." What do you read lovely lady blogger?

To those out there who read to write, what do you read?


  1. yes. if she is who I think she is. I love her as well. funny eh?

  2. But I'm curious as to your reason for not listing here there - that she's really good? Shouldn't that garner a spot? lol

  3. I don't have her listed because she is so good. If I put her in my blogroll, I'll be too curious not to read her blogs, and they are always so heartbreakingly good! I think I will add her in...